Enchanteur phonograph ready to use (Sold)


French phonograph "Enchanteur" from around 1903 with an impressive 35 cm diameter aluminum horn . Despite having no distinctive, the characteristic shape of the crank indicates its origin. It is a machine that the Girard company sold by correspondence. Its construction is solid and of great quality that translates into a magnificent sound and a quiet and powerful operation. At the same time presents some curious details that shows the containment of costs that were taken into account. The box is made from boards assembled and glued sometimes forming curious not perpendicular angles .

There were several versions of the Enchanteur phonograph, with suspended or pole-mounted horns always based on mechanics very similar to other phonographs of the time such as the Phenix.

It has only been necessary to reproduce the support rod of the horn and restore the player (joints, diaphragm and sapphire) to make it run again. Also the axles and springs have been greased but it has not been disassembled.

The finish of some piece shows signs of its 115 years and could nickel plated again to achieve a museum quality restoration although it would lose part of its charisma and strong personality. We leave it to the choice of the future owner.

You can see it working in this link: Enchanteur

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