Columbia Graphopone BK (Restored and sold)


This 1906 phonograph was a bestseller given its price and good sound quality. It is known as "lyre" because of the characteristic shape of the reproducer support.

Mechanically it is complete and in good condition. It needs some pieces to be nickel plated and a deep cleaning. The reproducer comes from industrial Columbia of those that were used to replicate cylinders. The difference with the original is that it does not have the letters of the brand and a small hole in the bottom where the return linkage of the recorder / player was screwed.

The crank is a replica made by us.

The horn is a reproduction of good quality.

The price of the machine once restored will be between € 350 to € 500 depending on the level of finish desired by the buyer.

If you are interested in acquiring it, please contact us at the Tel / WhatsApp +34 639 19 72 08 or at the email